Glossary of Terms

• Department personnel currently in the role of approver in PeopleSoft
• Reviews all transactions for compliance and budget availability
• Approves use of chartstring or modifies to the correct one
• Approves or returns transactions
• Can also shop

Catalog shopping is accomplished when using a “hosted” or “punch-out” catalog where UMBC specific items and prices are offered by UMBC contracted suppliers.

An agreement entered into by a procurement agency for the for the acquisition of supplies, services, construction, architectural services, or engineering services.

maintained directly within the UMBC PAW Procurement System. The hosted catalog shopping experience has a consistent look and feel regardless of the supplier.

A contractor’s written request for payment for supplies, commodities, services, maintenance, construction, construction-related services, architectural services, or engineering services performed or provided.

A contract under which the University System of Maryland uses personal property to which it does not have title. Lease does not include “lease-purchase’ or similar financing transactions.

A contract that requires appropriations for more than 1 fiscal year.

refers to purchases where a supplier’s catalog has not been loaded or enabled in the system. The quote received from the supplier provides the information necessary to fill out the form, and should be attached as backup information. The noncatalog form may only be submitted if the supplier is already registered in the system.

created and maintained by each supplier so the exact steps of how to search, shop and add items to your shopping cart will vary. These suppliers are “enabled” in the system.

• Department personnel currently in the role of requisitioner in PeopleSoft
• Shop and create carts
• Submit carts
• Receive carts assigned to them
• Must include funding information and Ship to addresses
on submitted carts (if not done by Shopper)
• Is the only role that has the authority to place an order, or
enter a payment request or invoice

• All active employees of UMBC
• Shop and create carts
• Unable to submit order – sends to department Requester
• Optional – can add comments, ship to addresses, and funding information
• Can review associated requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices
• Enters receipts for goods received or services rendered