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Bid Board

Notice to Vendors: It is the responsibility of the bidder to check this website frequently until the opening date for addenda, amendments and changes. A written acknowledgement of the receipt of all amendments, addenda and changes issued shall be required from all vendors submitting a bid. Electronic reply to the solicitation is NOT permitted. Response shall be in the manner(s) specified in the solicitation document. Solicitation number must be posted in subject line of emails sent to “Contact Person”.



Solicitation #
Contact Person

Pre-Bid Meeting Date

Due Date

External Evaluation Services

BC-21124-M N/A 01/03/19

On-Call Underground Mechanical Utilities Maintenance for Facilities Management 



Attachment A

General Conditions

Pre-proposal Meeting PowerPoint

N/A 12/18/18

Enrollment Marketing Consultant


Addendum 1

N/A 11/27/18

Facilities and Administrative Rate Proposal Consultant


Addendum 1

N/A 11/19/18

Solicitation HEDIS Software


HEDIS Software   

Addendum 1

N/A 10/25/18

On-Call Multi-trade Maintenance Contractors for

Office of Facilities Management


Addendum 1

Addendum 2

General Conditions of Maintenance Projects 

On-Call Multi-Trade Loose Forms

Pre-Proposal Meeting Powerpoint